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PME Quilting Tool - $13.95
This quiling tool by PME enables you to easily create quilted patterns on gum paste, fondant, marzipan and modelling chocolate. This quilting tool is double sided, one side consists of the curved shaper for precision work and the Quilting Wheel pattern on the other side. It is made out of plastic and measures..
Sculpturing/Modelling Tool Set -
Sale: $14.95
Was: $19.95

These sculpturing/modelling tools can be use to form, shape, mark and imprint sugar paste flowers, leaves, figures, and other decorations. Use these tools to detail and bring your sugar paste creations to life. Each tool measures approximately 165mm tall and has a different style tip on each end giving you a ..
PME Ball Modelling Tool - $11.95
This Ball Modelling Tool by PME is an essential tool for flower modelling used to cup and shape leaves, petals and frills. It features 2 different sizes on both ends. The small ball is great for modelling small details such as eye sockets & hands ears.
Acrylic Ball Modelling Tool - $9.95
This double ended acrylic ball modelling tool is a great tool for thinning edges of petals and leaves, for cupping petals and for countless other modelling uses. Length of tool = 180mm, Ball diameter = 20mm
Jem No.12 Veiner/Friller Modelling Tool - $8.95
This Jem Tool No 12 Veiner/Friller Modelling Tool is double ended. One side is great for making smiles, eyebrows and the other for frilling & petal veining. Measures approximately 150mm in length.
Wilton Fondant & Gum Paste Starter Tool Set 3pcs - $18.95
This 3 piece fondant and gum paste starter tool set by Wilton includes 3 double ended tools for shaping, detailing and cutting fondant or gumpaste. The ball tool has a large ball on one end and a small ball on the other, balls are used to shape or ruffle the edges of flower petals and ribbons. Use the fine an..
DIY Tools Sugarcraft Silicone Mould - $20.95
Easily create DIY tools themed cake & cupcake decorations using this DIY tools sugarcraft silicone mould. This sugarcraft silicone mould has 11 different designs (wrench, ladder, hammer, drill, paint, brush, screwdriver, saw, nail and more). Sugarcraft Silicone Mould diameter measures 120mm x 60mm. This sugar..

View product list for search result 'stitching tool'