Sugarflair colours are based in the UK and are known for their vibrant strong colours. 
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New Sugarflair Colours

Based in the UK, Sugarflair colours are known for their quality food colours. Great for icing, marzipan, cake batter, buttercream, marshmallows, macrons, and more. Mix and match to achieve a wide variety of shades & colours

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Sugarflair Colours

New Baby Pink & Baby Blue Masonite Cake Boards

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Round Pink Masonite Cake Board 10 Inch Round Blue Masonite Cake Board 6 Inch

Oil Based Essence Flavouring Sale (20% Off)

Enjoy 20% off our full range of oil based essence flavouring. Offer ends 14 March. Does not apply to wholesale orders.

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Sugarflair Colours

New Arrivals

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Flower Formers 6pcs

Modelling Tool Set 4pcs

Feather Cutters 3pcs

Stainless Steel Star Cutter Set 5pcs

Stainless Steel Heart Cutter Set 5pcs

Calla Lily Flower Cutters 3pcs
Rolkem Special Blend Rose Gold Dust
Rose Gold Foil Baking Cups 45pcs

Large Dinosaur Cutter Set 3pcs
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