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Chefmaster Food Colouring

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Chefmaster specializes in manufacturing high quality edible food colouring. They are based in the US and have 75 years of experience and offers a wide range of products. The Chefmaster Liqua-Gel range is a gel based food colouring made specifically for baking & cake decorating that are vibrant in colour, will not break down icing, fade and bleed resistant. They are great for fondant, icing, whipped toppings, breads, cakes,cookies and other baked goods. Can be mixed and matched to produce a wide range of colours Chefmaster Liqua Gel Colour Mixing Guide. The Chefmaster Candy Colours is an oil based liquid food colour formulated specially for colouring chocolate and candies.

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Chefmaster Powdered Food Colour Green 3g
Chefmaster Powdered Food Colour Green 3g
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