Bulk 1 litre essence oil based flavourings

Please consider trying a small bottle before committing to a large volume. We stock this range in 20ml bottles:


The 1 litre oil based flavourings are custom ordered from our supplier and we are not able to accept any returns or exchanges for them.

Delivery times are normally between 2-3 weeks. Please contact [email protected] to enquire or place an order.

Flavour Carrier Natural Ethanol (alcohol) Price
Almond Flavour Canola No $147.95
Aniseed Flavour Medium Chain Triglycerides Yes No $172.95
Banana Flavour Triacetin 1.31% $142.95
Blueberry Flavour Triacetin No $153.95
Bubblegum Flavour Triacetin No $125.95
Caramel Creamy Triacetin No $137.95
Cherry Flavour Ethanol 89.50% $185.95
Chocolate Flavour Propylene Glycol No $124.95
Coconut Flavour Triacetin No $149.95
Coffee Flavour Triacetin No $117.95
English Toffee Flavour Triacetin Yes 0.60% $114.95
Lime Flavour Triacetin No $132.95
Hazelnut Flavour Canola Oil No $118.95
Lemon Flavour Orange Terpenes No $175.95
Liquorice Flavour Triacetin Yes No $160.00
Mango Flavour Medium Chain Triglycerides No $142.95
Orange Flavour Triacetin No $127.95
Passionfruit Flavour Triacetin No $115.95
Peppermint Flavour Propylene Glycol Yes No $190.95
Pineapple Flavour Triacetin No $106.95
Raspberry Flavour Ethanol 87.90% $156.95
Rose Triacetin No $156.95
Rum Flavour Triacetin 0.4% $115.95
Spearmint Flavour Triacetin No $179.95
Strawberry Flavour Canola Oil No $125.95
Vanilla Flavour Triacetin No $149.95
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