Edible Jelly Diamonds Gems 10mm Clear 20pcs

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Make your cakes and cupcakes look that little bit more special, using these translucent clear edible gem diamonds. These soft jelly diamonds measure approximately 10mm in diametre and do not mist or go cloudy when exposed to humidity. Suitable for use on sugarpaste and butter icing only. Tweezers are recommended for picking and placing these edible gems.

Ingredients: Humectant:E422, E42; Gelatine; Acidity Regulator: E330; Sweetener: E955; Preservative: E211; Flavouring.

Hints & Tips

  • Edible diamonds can be placed in fridge overnight to ensure that they are thoroughly chilled to help remove them from the packaging.
  • Do not use Standard Edible Glue (any water based glue or watered down icing) to fix the diamonds to icing.
  • To use on sugar paste, make sure the icing has fully dried out. Once the icing is dry we recommend only using confectioners glaze to glue the items to the cake.
  • Once a hole has been made in the surface of the icing and it has been left to dry again, the hole should be lightly coated with confectioners glaze – not filled - and the diamond then placed in position. If there is any water left in the icing, water could form a puddle around the diamond.
  • In order to fully appreciate the facets in the diamond, mix the confectioners glaze with silver or gold edible glitter/powder, (not Non-Toxic Glitter) put this into the hole first and then the diamond.
  • If you do not use edible glitter/powder, especially on white or ivory icing then the diamond may disappear into the icing.
  • If the diamond appears to mist over – which only happens with excess handling, or gets covered in icing sugar then brush the surface with a damp brush until it shines again.
  • There are no special requirements for buttercream.
  • Use confectioners glaze sparingly. It is highly flammable.

Allergy advice: May contain milk, soya, nuts, sulphites

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