Rainbow Dust Edible Glitter Turquoise 5g (BB: Oct, 2022)

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Category: Dusts & Glitters
Brand: Rainbow Dust
Colour: blue
Type: Edible Glitter
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This Rainbow Dust Edible Glitter Turquoise is a new range of edible glitter by Rainbow Dust. Unlike other edible glitter that are huge flakes, these edible glitter are small, flat particle size that immediately resembles glitter. This, combined with its sparkling and reflective properties, results in a product you will love to use.

Sprinkle over your cupcakes, desserts, cookies, ice-cream or anything else that needs a little sparkle! Soluble in water. Retail packed in a 5g pot.

Label Claims: Suitable for Vegetarians, GM Free

Note: The sparkly image of this product is an illustration provided by Rainbow Dust. The 'glitter' effect shows when shined against light and at an angle however very subtle and not as sparkly as shown on the picture. This product is not to be confused with similarities to Disco Dust and other non toxic range of glitter.

Rainbow Dust Edible Glitter Gold Apple Green Ocean Blue Sapphire Blue Purple Navy Blue Red Black

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