Bulk AmeriColor Silver Sheen Airbrush/Paint Food Colour 4.5oz

Price: $17.95
Category: Food Colouring
Brand: Americolor
Colour: Bulk AmeriColor
Type: Airbrush Food Colour
Edible Food Paint
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This edible silver sheen food colour produces a reflective metallic silver colour. It is highly concentrated and can be painted on with a brush or spray on using an airbrush. AmeriColor Airbrush range (Amerimist) is hihgly concentrated, which elminates the need to overspray so moisture will not accumulate, icing will not break down and water spots will not appear. Comes in a 4.5oz (127g) sealed, easy to use flip top dispenser bottle. This large 4.5oz bottle offers great value for money. Made in the USA & Kosher certified.

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