Lorann Baking Emulsion Raspberry 4oz

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Brand: LorAnn Oils
Type: Baking Emulsions
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This Lorann Raspberry Baking & Flavouring Emulsion is a water based flavouring that is great for adding raspberry flavours to your cakes, frostings cookies, fondants, fillings and more.

Emulsions are formulated to be the same strength as an extract (1 teaspoon emulsion = 1 teaspoon extract), but instead of the flavor being diluted in alcohol, it is suspended in a water-base helping it not bake out. Emulsions are ideal for baking and to flavor frosting, but are not appropriate for flavoring chocolate or hard candy. Oil based flavourings are more suitable for flavouring chocolate. Comes in a 4oz (118ml) bottle.

  • Water Based
  • Gluten Free
  • Kosher
  • Soluble in water

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