Chromacake Oil Soluble Food Colouring Powder 10ml - YELLOW

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Category: Food Colouring, Edible Pen
Chocolate & Candy Making
Brand: Chromacake
Occasion: Christmas
Type: Oil Based Food Colour
Powdered Food Colouring

This Yellow Oil/Fat Soluble Food Colouring Powder by Chromacake is a oil/fat soluble powdered food colouring great for colouring mixtures containing fats and oils sudch as buttercreams, biscuits, gelato & pastries.

Coloured Powder Features

  • Advanced Fats & Oil Based Formula.
  • Used with Mixtures containing Fats and Oils such as Buttercreams, Biscuits, Gelato, Pastries.
  • Ultra Fine Texture for Rapid Mixing.
  • Tasteless & Odourless.
  • Vivid, Deep Colour Tones
  • Made Exclusively in Italy
  • Allergen Free, Nut Free, Diary Free and Gluten Free

INGREDIENTS: yellow powder consisting in tartrazine E102.
COMPOSITION: tartrazine 87% min. (typical active colour content)

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