c Starlight Comet White Edible Rainbow Dust

Starlight Comet White Edible Rainbow Dust 3g

Price: $8.95
Category: Dusts & Glitters
Brand: Rainbow Dust
Colour: white
Theme: Christmas
Type: Edible Rainbow Dust
Lustre Dust
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This product has been discontinued

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Starlight Comet White Edible Rainbow Dust is part of Rainbow Dust Edible Silk range which are completely edible lustre dusts using world wide approve colourings. The Starlight range consist of a primary colour that sparkles with complimentary colours throughout for really light-catching detail. For example, a yellow dust may sparkle with red, white and orange highlights. Because of this, this range of colours sparkle with a lot more intesity compared to the standard edible range. Starlight Comet White Edible Rainbow Dust is Kosher and Halal approved as well as being gluten and nut free. Packaged in a 15g pot (gross weight).

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