BULK Hologram White Glitter Rainbow Dust 35g (non toxic)

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Category: Dusts & Glitters
Brand: Rainbow Dust
Colour: white
Type: Non Toxic Glitter
Rainbow Dust Non Toxic
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This Hologram White Rainbow Dust by Rainbow Dust is a fine dust with sparkling rainbow highlights. Rainbow Dust Hologram White Glitter Dust is classified as non toxic but it is not classed as a food item and are intended for use on items that will not be consumed. If consumed in small quantities, the product will cause no harm and will simply pass through the digestive system. Comes in 35g (net weight) bulk pot. Equivalent to 7 standard Hologram White 5g pots offering great value.

The Bulk Hologram White Glitter Rainbow Dust 35g is part of Rainbow Dust Sparkle range which is a high sparkle non toxic glitter range that is classified by FSA guidelines as 'Food Contact' Glitters. These glitter are not meant to be edible and it is recommended that they are used on items that are easily removable from.

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