Cake Star Push Easy Plunger Cutters Upper Case Alphabets 26pcs

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Category: Sugarcraft & Cookie Cutters
Brand: Cake Star
Type: Plunger Cutters
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The Cake Star Push Easy Plunger Cutters Upper Case Alphabet Set includes 26 upper case alphabet (A-Z) with each letter having an embossed edge. These easy to use plunger cutters are made from food approved plastic and can be used gum paste, fondant, modelling paste and flower paste. Comes packaged in a stylish box.

Roll out your chosen medium
Cut out your required letter
Push the plunger to release the embossed edged letter
Place on your cake or cupcake!

Measurement for each letter varies. Approximate letter measurements: 4cm - 4.25cm

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Customer Reviews

    5 stars - 1 reviews

cheryl haigh Verified Buyer
I Haven't used these yet but they look super easy & I'm very pleased with them. I'm going to buy the smaller numbers and letters as well

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