Cake Star Push Easy Plunger Cutters Flowers 6pcs

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Category: Sugarcraft & Cookie Cutters
Floral Art Tools
Brand: Cake Star
Type: Flower Cutters
Plunger Cutters

The Cake Star Push Easy Plunger Cutters Flower Set includes 6 flower plunger cutters. These easy to use plunger cutters are made from food approved plastic and can be used gum paste, fondant, modelling paste and flower paste. Comes packaged in an attractive box.

Approximate Sizes:
Rose: 58mm
Primrose / Rosaceae: 48mm
Multi-Petal Daisy / Sunflower / Gerber: 45mm
5 Petal Blossom: 45mm
Multi-Petal Daisy / Sunflower / Gerbera (2 sizes on 1 cutter) - 28mm, 18mm
Petal Blossom (2 sizes on 1 cutter) - 29mm, 18mm

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