Chefmaster Powdered Food Colour Yellow 3g

Price: $4.95
Category: Food Colouring
Chocolate & Candy Making
Brand: Chefmaster
Colour: yellow
Type: Oil Based Food Colour
Powdered Food Colouring
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This yellow powdered food colouring by Chefmaster is a fat soluble food colour great for colouring chocolates, dry mixes and many other foods where water is prohibited. This is not a water soluble food colour. Use sparingly as powdered food colors are very concentrated and may stain hands, mouth or clothing. Comes in a 3g plastic jar with a twist cap. Made in USA.

Note: Colour picture shown is for illustation purposes only. Food colour can be lighter or darker depending on the amount of colour used. Mix in a small amount of food color at a time until desired color is achieved.

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