Over The Top Rose Gold Lustre Dust 10ml

Price: $6.95
Category: Sale Items
Dusts & Glitters
Brand: Over The Top
Colour: pink
rose gold
Type: Lustre Dust
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This Over The Top Lustre Dust Rose Gold is made from a unique blend of high quality, ultra fine ingredients that are 100% edible. Lustre dust can be dust directly onto your creation in dry form or mix with decorators rose spirit to use as a paint or highlighter. Great for fondant, chocolate, modelling paste, marzipan, macaroons, buttercream cakes, cupcakes and more. Add a glamorous touch to your creations. Vegan friendly and allergen free. Made in India.

Over The Top Lustre Dust Pearl White Classic Gold Bright Copper Vintage Gold Classic Silver Pearl Black

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