Lorann Baking Emulsion Strawberry 4oz

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This Strawberry Baking Emulsion is an easy way of adding the rich taste and colour of classic Strawberry cake in one easy step. It is perfectly blended to give your favorite Strawberry recipe an irresistible flavor and lush red color. Strawberry Baking Emulsion are:

Will not bake out
Contains natural and artificial flavour
Certified Kosher

Note:Contains Ethyl Alcohol (alcohol less than 1%).

To color and flavor your favorite Strawberry recipe: For each 8 or 9-inch cake or 12 cupcakes, mix 1 tablespoon LorAnn Strawberry Flavor to prepared batter and blend well (no additional coloring needed). Bake according to recipe directions.

What is baking emulsion?
Emulsions are generally alcohol free water based alternatives (however not in the case of the Coffee, Coconut and Strawberry emulsions) to extracts. Flavour is micro encapsulated in natural stabilizers and suspended in water instead of alcohol. The encapsulation enables the flavor to not lose its integrity when exposed to high heat. Emulsions can be used to flavour cookies, cakes, sweet bread & pastries, frostings & glaze, fondant, fillings and other confectionery items.

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