Alphabet & Numbers Message Press Embosser Set

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Category: Embossers, Texture Sheets
Brand: Apetito
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This Alphabet & Numbers Message Press Embosser Set by Apetito is great for embossing messages on cookies, fondant, and hard candies. Simply slide the letters you need into the holder and press down into the product. Each alphabet/number measures approximately 4-5mm width & 6mm height.

This message press set includes letters and numbers:

A x 3, B x 2, C x 3, D x 2, E x 3, F x 2, G x 2, H x 2, I x 2, J x 1, K x 2, L x 4, M x 2, N x 2, O x 2, P x 2, Q x 1, R x 3, S x 3, T x 2, U x 2, V x 2, W x 2, X x 1, Y x 2, Z x 1

2 x numbers 0-8 (6 doubles as a nine)

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