Alphabet Moulds Decorative Border 4 Silicone Mould

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Easily create decorative border using this decorative border D4 silicone mould. This silicone mould allows you to create a repeat border. Mould measures approximately 210mm x 40mm. This decorative border mould is made out of a silicone system specially formulated for use in food and confectionary and complies to FDA regulations. This barley twist silicone mould is ideal for use with flowerpaste, sugarpaste, marzipan and more.

For obtaining fine details, tap in small amount of paste with a small rolling pin. Roll gently over the silicone mould and remove excess paste with a blade tool rather than a knife to avoid damaging the silicone mould. For easy release, the silicone moulds can be lightly dusted with cornflour or lightly greased with Wilton Cake Release.

Note: Not to be baked in.

We do our best to ensure the accuracy of the product information on this page. However we ask customers concerned about food allergens, ingredients or country of origin to email us for the latest information and to always check the manufacturers label on the product as manufacturers ingredients may change without notice.

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