AmeriColor Amerimist Airbrush Food Colour Kit 12pcs

Price: $45.95
Category: Food Colouring
Brand: AmeriColor
Colour: rainbow
Type: Airbrush Food Colour
Edible Food Paint
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This AmeriColor Amerimist Airbrush Food Colour Kit consists of 12 popular AmeriColor colours (Super Red; Leaf Green; Lemon Yellow; Royal Blue; Super Black; Orange; Deep Pink; Chocolate Brown; Sky Blue; Violet; Avocado; Copper (Fleshtone)).

Each bottle contains 0.65oz and comes in a convenient flip top lid. AmeriColor airbrush colours are super strength, highly concentrated spray on air brush food colours. Because of this, you eliminate the need to over spray which prevents moisture from accumulating, water spots from appearing and icings from breaking down. They are effective even on hard to colour non dairy whipped toppings or icing.

This airbrush food colour kit offers great value for money and works out to be only $3.33 per bottle. Made in the USA. Kosher certified and FDA approved. Peanut, tree nut and gluten free.

We do our best to ensure the accuracy of the product information on this page. However we ask customers concerned about food allergens, ingredients or country of origin to email us for the latest information and to always check the manufacturers label on the product as manufacturers ingredients may change without notice.

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