Rolkem Dusts

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We stock a wide range of Rolkem Dusts used for dusting and colouring. All Rolkem Dusts are food approved and edible except for the crystal dusts range which is non toxic food touch approved. Rolkem colours contains no animal matter and no alcohol.

Rolkem Super Dusts - Gives a high shine glossy finish.
Rolkem Sparkle Dusts - Gives a glossy finish with a bit of sparkle. More sparkly than Rolkem Super.
Rolkem Rainbow Spectrum Dusts - Matte colour dust. Mix with white paste or fondant to create a softer shade (pastel shade)
Rolkem Lumina Dusts - Gives a glossy metallic lustre finish. Colours inspired by nature & life.
Rolkem Special Blend Dusts - Gives a high shine glossy metallic finish. More glossier satin luxury finish than the super range
Rolkem Crystal Dusts - Non toxic, approved food additive, food touch approved, high sparkle crystal dusting powder. Similiar to glitter and disco dust.
Rolkem Hi Lite Dusts - Use to create a pearl finish (natural shine).

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Rolkem Lumina Dust Vulcan
Rolkem Lumina Dust Vulcan
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