Birthday Cupcake & Cake Candles

Birthday Cupcake & Cake Candles

Cake candles are a quintessential element of any celebratory cake, adding a touch of sparkle and making the moment of cake-cutting even more special. From birthday cake candles to decorative candles for cupcakes, the right candle can elevate your dessert's presentation and create lasting memories.

Types of Cake Candles

Birthday Cake Candles

Birthday cake candles are the most common type and come in various styles, colors, and sizes. These candles are typically small and slender, designed to be placed on top of the cake. They symbolize the age of the birthday person and are blown out after making a wish. Traditional birthday candles are often complemented with more elaborate versions like number candles and sparkler candles.

Cupcake Candles

A cupcake candle is designed specifically for cupcakes, offering a miniature version of traditional cake candles. These candles are perfect for individual servings and add a personal touch to each cupcake. They are available in various shapes and themes, making them a fun addition to any party.

Number Candles

Number candles are a popular choice for milestone celebrations such as birthdays and anniversaries. These candles are shaped like numbers, allowing you to display the age or year prominently on the cake. Number candles come in various sizes and colors, often with added glitter or patterns to make them stand out.

Sparkler Candles

Sparkler candles add a dazzling effect to your cake with their sparkling display. These candles emit sparks when lit, creating a festive and exciting atmosphere. They are perfect for special occasions where you want to make a big impression, such as milestone birthdays or New Year's Eve celebrations.

Using Cake Candles

How Many Candles on a Birthday Cake?

The tradition of placing candles on a birthday cake typically involves using one candle for each year of the person's age. For example, a child turning seven would have seven candles on their cake. However, for practical reasons, especially as people get older, many opt to use a single candle or number candles representing the age. This approach simplifies the process and still honors the tradition.

Do You Put Candles on an Anniversary Cake?

While not as common as birthday candles, placing candles on an anniversary cake can add a meaningful touch to the celebration. Number candles representing the number of years a couple has been together are a popular choice. Alternatively, you can use traditional candles or sparklers to highlight the joyous occasion. The addition of candles can symbolize the warmth and light of the relationship being celebrated.

Decorating with Cake Candles

Candles for cupcakes and cakes come in various themes and styles to match any celebration. For children's parties, you can find candles shaped like their favorite characters or animals. For more elegant events, there are candles with metallic finishes or intricate designs. The key is to choose candles that complement the theme and decor of your event.

Safety Tips for Using Cake Candles

  1. Placement: Ensure candles are placed securely on the cake or cupcakes to prevent them from tipping over.
  2. Supervision: Always supervise children when they are blowing out candles to avoid accidents.
  3. Extinguishing: Make sure to blow out all candles before serving the cake to avoid any risk of fire.
  4. Non-Toxic Materials: Choose candles made from non-toxic materials, especially if they are placed directly into the cake.


Cake candles are more than just a decorative element; they add a ceremonial aspect to any celebration, making moments memorable. Whether you are using birthday cake candles, a cupcake candle, number candles, or sparkler candles, each type brings its unique charm to the occasion. At Baking Pleasures, we offer a wide variety of candles to suit all your needs, ensuring that your cake shines as brightly as the celebration itself. From choosing the right number of candles to adding that special sparkle, our collection will help make every event unforgettable.