Americolor Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do AmeriColor products contain peanuts?
No. There are no peanuts or tree nuts in our facility.

Do AmeriColor products contain gluten?
No. There is no gluten in AmeriColor products.

Are AmeriColor products natural or organic?
No. Colours are made using FD&C dyes

Are AmeriColor products Kosher certified

Are AmeriColor products Halal certified?

Does AmeriColor gel contain alcohol?

Are AmeriColor products vegan?
There are no animal products in AmeriColor food color. There are powdered egg whites in our Meringue Powder.

How do I properly store my food colours?
Store in ambient temperature, like a kitchen cabinet. Keep out of sunlight.

Allergen Information Present in AmeriColor products

Peanuts: NO
Tree Nuts: NO
Powdered Egg Whites: MERINGUE POWDER
Dairy or Dairy Derivative: NO
Soy or Soy Derivative: CANDY COLOR
Gluten: NO
Sesame Seeds: NO
Poppy Seeds: NO
Caraway Seeds: NO
Shellfish/Fish: NO
Corn or Corn Derivatives: YES
Preservatives: YES
Glutamates: NO
Aspartame/Phenylalanine: NO
Artificial Flavoring: NO

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