Magic Sparkles Edible Glitter Flakes Gold 2g

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Category: Edible Sprinkles
Brand: Magic Sparkles
Colour: gold
Theme: St Patricks Day
Type: Edible Glitter
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Magic Sparkles are edible glitter flakes which when displayed under light produces a prismatic rainbow effect. They can also be grind finer to achieve a dust like size. Can be used on dry food products such as cakes, cupcakes, donuts, cookies, desserts to give them a nice glittery effect.

Magic Sparkles are one of the few truly fully edible glitters. Many other food decoration glitters are classified as 'non-toxic'. Non-toxic glitters are not regarded as harmful to the body but they aren't edible either. Magic Sparkles are made from food ingredients and are therefore perfect for use on your sweet creations! GM free, gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

Magic Sparkles White Violet Violet Unicorn Superhero Opal Hint of Blue blue Green Garnet Red Pink Yellow

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St Patricks Day

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