Colour Splash Edible Dust Pearl Petal Pink 5g

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Category: Food Colouring, Edible Pen
Dusts & Glitters
Brand: Colour Splash
Type: Lustre Dust

This Colour Splash Edible Dust Pearl Baby Pink is great for sprinkling or dusting onto cakes, cupcakes or treats using confectioners glaze or edible glue. To use it as a paint, mix it with an oil based flavouring, clear vanilla, lemon extract or vodka. These dust are edible and leaves a subtle lustre effect.

Comes in a 5g screw top lid jar for easy storage. Colour Splash Dusts contain 5g of food colouring. There is some density variation between the food colourants used to produce the colours in this range, as a result the volume of 5g of food colour will vary by shade.

Ingredients may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.

Colour Splash Edible Dusts

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