Sparkle and Sprinkle: Elevate Your Baking with Edible Glitter, Lustre Spray and Sprinkle

Discover the magic of edible glitter and sprinkles and take your baking creations to dazzling new heights! Edible glitter adds instant glamor with its shimmering hues, while sprinkles bring colour and whimsy to every bite. In this blog post we'll explore creative ways to use these delightful decorations and show you how to infuse your baking with sparkle, colour, and fun.


Add a touch of magic to your baking creations with edible glitter and sprinkles! These delightful decorations are perfect for adding sparkle, color, and texture to cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and more. In this blog post, we'll explore the wonderful world of edible glitter and sprinkles, and show you how to use them to elevate your baking to new heights of creativity and deliciousness.


The Magic of Edible Glitter

Edible glitter is a magical ingredient that adds instant glamor to any baked treat. Made from edible materials such as sugar, starch, and food colouring, edible glitter comes in a variety of colours and shapes, from shimmering gold stars to dazzling rainbow dust. Here are some creative ways to use edible glitter in your baking:

  1. Sprinkle it over frosted cakes and cupcakes for a glamorous finish.
  2. Mix it into icing or frosting to add sparkle and shine to your creations.
  3. Use it to decorate cookies, cake pops, and other baked goods for a festive touch.
  4. Dust it over cocktails, desserts, and sweet treats for a touch of elegance and whimsy.

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The Joy of Sprinkles

Sprinkles are a classic and beloved decoration that adds colour, fun, and flavour to baked goods. Whether you prefer classic rainbow jimmies, shimmering metallic dragees, or whimsical shaped sprinkles, there's a sprinkle for every occasion. Here are some creative ways to use sprinkles in your baking:

  1. Mix them into cookie dough, cake batter, or brownie batter for a pop of color and flavor.
  2. Sprinkle them over frosted cupcakes, ice cream sundaes, or milkshakes for a festive touch.
  3. Use them to decorate sugar cookies, chocolate-dipped pretzels, or cake pops for a fun and whimsical finish.
  4. Create custom sprinkle blends by mixing different colors, shapes, and sizes together for a unique and personalized touch.

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Shining like a diamond

There's something truly mesmerizing about a cake that shimmers and shines with an ethereal glow. If you've ever marveled at a cake that seems to radiate light, chances are it was adorned with lustre spray.

Lustre spray is a food-safe spray that contains edible metallic or pearlized pigments. When sprayed onto cakes, cupcakes, cookies, or other desserts, lustre spray creates a stunning shimmering effect that instantly elevates the appearance of your baked goods. Available in a variety of colours and finishes, lustre spray allows you to customize the look of your cakes and bring your creative vision to life.

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