Titanium Dioxide Food Grade (E171) 100g

Price: $11.95
Category: Food Colouring
Chocolate & Candy Making
Brand: Menina
Colour: white
Type: Oil Based Food Colour
Powdered Food Colouring
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Titanium dioxide food grade powder (E171) by Menina is commonly used in baking and cake decorating to turn your fondant icing, modelling paste, flower paste, white chocolate into a brilliant shade of white. Titanium dioxide is a whitening agent in powder form that is tasteless. When adding titanium dioxide to colour your white chocolate, it is best to add it during the melting process to help the colour come out smoother. A small amount added to white chocolate will remove its natural yellow colour. It is recommended to sieve the powder before applying. Gluten free. Comes in a 100g bottle.

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    5 stars - 1 reviews

Works great! Made my white chocolate really white.

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