Round Silver Masonite Cake Board 9 Inch

Price: $3.50
Stock: 2 in stock
Category: Cake Boards, Stands, Boxes
Brand: Mondo
Colour: grey
Type: Cake Boards
Masonite Cake Boards

These round 9 inch silver masonite cake boards are made out of wood and are very sturdy and do not bend. They are covered securely in embossed silver foil with flowery patterns and are commercial food-grade. Measure to fit 9 inch cakes and has a 5mm-6mm thickness and are extremely strong. Great for holding heavy cakes or when you need a stacked wedding cake. Also commonly used as a base for hampers or gifts. Just wrap at the top with cellophane.

We stock masonite cake boards in round & square silver 6", 7", 8", 9", 10" and round & square gold 6", 8", 10".

Note: We are unable to ship round 9 inch silver masonite cake boards via Express Post due to it's size.

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