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Menina Australian Gold Flower Moulding Paste 225g

Menina Australian Gold Flower Moulding Paste 225g

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This Australian Gold Flower Moulding Paste by Menina is a ready to use paste that rolls incredibly thin making it ideal for folds or where transparency is requiAustralian Gold. Flower Moulding Paste is a specially formulated sugar paste made out of sugar with the addition of edible gum. It is also commonly known as gum paste or petal paste. It is ideal for making flowers, bows, clothes, figuriues, ornaments etc. A little Flower Moulding Paste Satin Moulding Fat can be added to make Flower Moulding Paste more pliable and elastic. To lighten this colour, you can mix it with White Flower Moulding Paste to achieve various tones between Australian Gold and White. Flower Moulding Paste will dry hard when exposed to air so always wrap unused Flower Moulding Paste in zip lock of cling film. This Australian Gold Flower Moulding Paste comes in 225g.

Ingredients: sugar, water, vegetable fat, liquid glucose, carboxymethylcellulose E466, maize starch, food colours E102, tartaric acid E334, hydolized collagen E441, dried egg albumen, potassium sorbate E202. This product contains egg product and sulfites.

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