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Casting Gel/Jelly 200g

Casting Gel/Jelly 200g

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This DIY Casting gel or jelly is great for making your own impression moulds out of anything that will withstand the heat of the gel (leaf, petal, figure moulds). Casting gel can also be melted down and reused. Comes in a 200g container. Made in Australia from food safe ingredients.

Melt in medium microwave for 1 min. and stir gently or can be melted over hot water. (This jelly can be melted repeatedly if kept free of foreign matter.) Place article for moulding (e.g. leaf, fridge magnet, ear-ring etc.) in a flat based container with sides higher than the object to be moulded. Pour melted jelly over object to completely cover. If bubbles appear, tap container lightly to bring bubbles to the surface. Allow to cool. When set, remove from container. Press moulding paste, RTR icing, moulding chocolate or cold porcelain into mould and smooth back. Flex mould and completed moulding will pop out. Re-melt jelly ready for next project.

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