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Frosted Grape Shimmering Gel

Frosted Grape Shimmering Gel

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Glossy gel filled with sparkly edible glitter. This Frosted Grape Shimmering Gel comes in a convenient 42.5g squeezable tube with a fine nozzle applicator making writing messages, adding details and decorating cakes, cookies and cupcakes a breeze. Simply snip off the end of the tube and decorate. Frosted Grape Shimmering Gel has a shelf life of approximately 1 year. Certified Kosher. Ingredients: Sugar, corn syrup, water, agar-agar, tartaric acid, benzoate of soda, potassium sorbate as a preservative, US certified color dyes.

Made in USA & imported by Baking Pleasures

Note: Does not dry hard. This product is prepared and packaged using machines that may come into contact with Wheat/Gluten, Eggs, Dairy or Dairy Products, Peanuts, Soy, Tree Nuts.

We do our best to ensure the accuracy of the product information on this page. However we ask customers concerned about food allergens, ingredients or country of origin to email us for the latest information and to always check the manufacturers label on the product as manufacturers ingredients may change without notice.
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