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Isomalt Crystals 453g

Isomalt Crystals 453g

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Isomalt is a sugar replacement that is used to make hard candy and pulled sugar items because it hardens with a crystal clear finish and tends to be less sticky compared to real sugar. You can use them with our jewel moulds. Comes in a 453g pack.

Isomalt Hard Candy/Jewel Recipe
1 cup Isomalt
1/3 cup distilled hot water
AmeriColor Soft Gel or Candy Colour for colour (optional)
LorAnn Candy Oil for flavouring (optional)

Combine Isomalt and water in a 1 quarter heavy saucepan and cook it over medium heat while stirring until crystals dissolve. Dip pastry brush and wash down sides to prevent crystallizing. Monitor temperature using a candy thermometer and at 250 degrees, colouring can be added. Cook till 315 degrees and remove the pan from heat. Set saucepan into a cold water pan to stop cooking process. Stir in flavouring when syrup stops bubbling. Sugar syrup is ready for pieces, molds, pulling, and sugar blowing.

Please note: Syrup is VERY HOT so you should take precautions to prevent burns.

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