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Katy Sue Roses Silicone Embossers

Katy Sue Roses Silicone Embossers

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This Roses Silicone Embosser can be used with any medium, edible or non-edible that allows a design to be pressed into them. Perfect for cake decorating, these flexible embossers allow you to build your own design from the beautiful roses and leaf elements in this set.

You can achieve stunning unique textured backgrounds on cakes, cookies, cake boards or use them to create perfect guidelines for brush embroidery, dusting, painting or gilded line piping. Press and cut around the outer edge of the design to create applique pieces to give a 3D embossed embellishment. Made from food safe silicone. Dishwasher safe.

Roses : A. 90mm x 86mm; B. 53mm x 48mm; C. 67mm x 56mm; D. 42mm x 40mm
Leaves: A. 34mm x 24mm; B. 18mm x 25mm; C. 22mm x 30mm;
Buds: A. 13mm x 22mm; B. 32mm x 14mm

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