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Over The Top Buttercream Icing Purple 425g

Over The Top Buttercream Icing Purple 425g

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This ready to use vanilla buttercream icing in purple by Over the Top features a silky smooth texture with superior piping consistency. The Over the Top buttercream has a superior crusting buttercream style which is one that will set up firmly enough so that it can be touched lightly without leaving a mark. Crusting buttercream makes a strong base that you can later apply additional designs on.

The icing is softer when it is piped and then as it rests, it develops a crust. This provides a better working surface when doing additional piping or applying gum paste and fondant decorations.

Cakes that are decorated or iced with a crusting buttercream are also better able to withstand the elements, which is a big advantage for hot weather cake decoration.

Comes in a 425g tub. One tub covers one 9 x 3 inch cake or 12 cupcakes.
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Over The Top Buttercream Icing Features
  • Egg, Gluten, Nut & Dairy Free (contains Soy)
  • Trans-Fat Free - No partially Hydrogenated Oil present
  • Vegan Friendly
  • No Refrigeration Required, but ideally stored close to 22°C
  • Freeze / Thaw Stable
  • Made in Australia

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