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Saracino Modelling Paste Orange 250g

Saracino Modelling Paste Orange 250g

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Saracino modelling paste in orange is great for creating sugar flowers, modelling figurines and toppers. Saracino is known as the best modelling paste in the world and is the winner of the 2017 Cake Masters product of the year. Made in Italy.

Saracino Modelling Paste Features
  • Hardens quickly, it does not dry out, allowing it to hold its shape without cracking
  • Durable and can be rolled out thinly (1mm) allowing you to create life like edible petals and flowers
  • High concentration of cocoa butter which helps sustain elasticity and allows you to easily correct mistakes
  • Edible and taste delicious
  • No hydrogenated fats & gluten free
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • No hydrogenated fats

Normally comes rock hard out of the pack. You can break it down into smaller pieces using a knife. [Video tutorial]=(l

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