Sprinks Clear Cake Collar Acetate Roll 6cm High (10m roll)

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Category: Cake Boards, Stands, Boxes
Brand: Sprinks
Type: Cake Collar Acetate Roll
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This Acetate Roll 6cm high by Sprinks are great for creating perfect layers in all kinds of mousse, chocolate and cake-filled desserts! Comes in a 10m roll.

Elevate Your Cakes: Achieve cake perfection with ease using our Acetate roll. Create stunning cake collars that result in impeccably smooth and professional-looking edges, making every slice a masterpiece.

Master Chocolate Art: Dive into the world of chocolate craftsmanship. Our Acetate roll provide the ideal support for chocolate creations, ensuring clean lines and intricate designs that showcase your skills.

Your Culinary Canvas: With each roll as a blank canvas, bring confectionery dreams to life. Craft intricate patterns, intricate layers, and imaginative chocolate shapes that leave a lasting impression.

Food-Grade Excellence: Your safety is our priority. Made from food-grade plastic, our Acetate roll are a reliable companion in your culinary journey, ensuring bakers creations remain pure and untouched.

Easy-Peel Magic: Say goodbye to frustration. Our Acetate roll feature an easy-peel design, allowing you to effortlessly remove them from your creations, leaving behind nothing but perfection.

Perfect Dimensions: Each roll measures a generous 10 meters in length and stands 6 centimeters tall – the ideal size for a range of confectionery delights, from cakes to delicate chocolate ribbons. it comes in a perfect little hang hole box.

For Professionals and Home Bakers: Whether a seasoned pastry chef or a passionate home baker, our Acetate roll empower bakers to achieve flawless results that rival the pros.

Unveil your culinary prowess with SPRINKS Acetate roll – the indispensable tool for cake collars that impress and chocolate creations that amaze. Elevate the baking and confectionery game today.

Sprinks Acetate Roll 10cm 12cm

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