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Sugar Crafty King Cake Lifter

Sugar Crafty King Cake Lifter

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The stainless steel King Cake Lifter by Sugar Crafty is the ultimate tool to help lift your cakes from board to turntable to cake presentation. The heavy gauge stainless steel is made to take heavy mud and fruit cakes and the extended size allows you to move cakes up to 16 inches in length. No more split cakes. Measures approximately 225mm x 290mm. Made out of 430 stainless steel grade.

  • Made for heavy muds and fruit cakes
  • Move your cakes with ease
  • Lift heavy and large cakes
  • Easily layer and torte cakes
  • Fabulous cookie lifter
  • Works for right or left handed bakers & cakers
A fine chiseled edge allows you to pick up your cakes once iced with no damage. You can also use 2 lifters together to increase the area size and work with large sheet cakes. Works well with help in removing cakes and cheesecakes from springform, flattening and picking up your cookies.

The King Cake Lifter has multiple uses outside of baking, use it for cooking pizza, cutting and picking up pizza, scraping up chopped vegetables to place in the pot and many more uses.

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