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Sweet Sticks UNDER THE SEA Mini Paint Palette

Sweet Sticks UNDER THE SEA Mini Paint Palette

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This Sweet Sticks UNDER THE SEA Mini Paint Palette is a 100% food grade edible, alcohol free, vegan friendly paint palette which is activated by water. To use simply activate with water, stir to form paste and paint. When finished, close the lid until next time. It is specifically formulated to cater for the Vegan and Religious Decorators who cannot have alcohol in their cake decorating. Great for achieving fine details on sugar cookies, macarons, royal icing, fondant and more. Total palette pans weighs approximately 5g. Also includes a fine line brush (0). Includes 5 UNDER THE SEA theme colours:
  • Deep Sea Blue
  • Bright Purple
  • Winter Blue
  • Tiffany Blue
  • Mint Sorbet

Getting started tips
  • Dip your fince line brush into water to wet it and start mixing into your palette. keep dipping in water, mixing and repeat until you have created a paste consistency.
  • Practice, play and become familiar with the product and the consistency that suits you best.
  • The palette will dry up over time, be sure to continue adding water from your brush as you go to keep your paste consistency.
  • Once-over strokes are best, so try and think about what you are painting before you start.
  • Two coats are best. paint your first coat and let dry (takes a short time to dry). when dry, paint over.
  • Wash your brush in clean water before starting a new colour.
  • This paint palette is designed to paint only the finer details such as lettering, small patterns, fine line designs.
  • Best used on royal icing, macarons and fondant.

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