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Wilton 7 Piece Deluxe Gum Paste Tool Set

Wilton 7 Piece Deluxe Gum Paste Tool Set

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This Wilton Deluxe Gum Paste Tool Set features 7 cake decorating tools to help you cut, shape and position delicate gum paste decorations. It features 4 dual action tools (cutting tool, quilling tool , knife/needle tool & cutter brush) with contoured handles and signature colour for easy grip and identification. It also features 3 classic tools (scissors, tweezers, palette knife) & sized especially for handling small gum paste pieces. Comes with a convenient hinged plastic storage case.

Cutting tool - Angled for easy rolling! Straight wheel cuts strips and shapes, ridged wheel imprints quilted detail on gum paste and fondant accents.

Quilling tool - Stainless steel tines wind strips of gum paste for creating dimensional loops that can be shaped into a variety of designs.

Knife/Needle tool - Stainless steel blade for fine cutting and trimming. Needle for releasing air bubbles in rolled out fondant and marking pin holes for positioning cut-outs or garlands.

Cutter brush- Rigid nylon bristles loosen gum paste from cutter edges and detail areas, keeping them clean so your next cut will be as precise as your last. Soft nylon brush removes excess gum paste or fondant around cut-out shapes.

Scissors - Cut gum paste shapes and pre-made stamens. Wire cutters above handle cut thin wires for stems.

Tweezers - Wide beveled head is the ideal shape for lifting small petals and leaves.

Palette knife - Angled shape for easy lifting of large decorations.

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