Edible Gold Leaf, Edible Silver Leaf

Genuine edible 23 karat gold leaf and genuine silver leaf in loose and transfers sheets. With transfers, each leaf is mounted by pressure to individual tissue pages. The leaf will stay on the tissue until it is pressed onto the prepared surface and the tissue baking is removed. Transfers are suitable for flat surfaces and can be cut and used like a transfer picture. Loose gold/silver leafs are not pressed onto the tissue and can be moved using tweezers. Each gold leaf sheet measures approximately 5cm and is less than 0.000125 mm or .13 microns thin, the gold leaf disintegrates in the mouth without flavor, but beautifully enhances edible delights.

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Sprinks Loose Rose Gold Leaf Flakes 2g
Sprinks Loose Rose Gold Leaf Flakes 2g
Decorative Purpose Only
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