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Plain Fondant Creme Filling 300g

Plain Fondant Creme Filling 300g

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This plain fondant creme filling by Roberts Confectionery can be used as the base to create many wonderful flavoured flavoured fondant creme filings for soft centered chocolates. It can also be used as a base to make an easy and quick frosting for piping - just mix an equal weight of whipped butter to fondant creme and mix.

You can also warm the fondant creme slightly (no more than 5 seconds at a time in the microwave) so that it becomes smooth and ready for pouring or dipping for cupcakes, donuts, sticky buns or petit fours.

Flavouring and colours can be added to flavour and colour the fondant. Fondant creme can also be used to ice cakes, cupcakes, donuts and biscuits. Just warm slightly until a smooth and pliable consistency is achieved. Suitable for vegan diets. Does not contain gluten.

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