Peppermint Essence Oil Based Flavouring 20ml

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This oil based peppermint essence is a highly concentrated flavouring perfect for adding peppermint flavour to your cakes, cookies, icings and more. As this product is oil based, it is used in baking, to flavour chocolates & hard candy. Not suitable for water based mediums (e.g. beverages). Comes in a 20ml glass bottle with built in dropper for ease of use.

Made using flavouring developed in a food lab. As such these essences does not contain nut, gluten, dairy and fructose. Vegan friendly. Contains Propylene Glycol and no sugar.

Oil Based Flavourings Aniseed Banana Blueberry Bubble
  Gum Butterscotch Caramel Cherry Coconut Chocolate Coffee English
  Toffee Mango Irish
  Cream Almond Hazelnut Lime Lemon Liquorice Orange Passionfruit Pineapple Raspberry Rose Rum Spearmint Strawberry Vanilla

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